12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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Together we achieve more

Naoussa International Film Festival is a progressive event directed in the possibilities offered by the development of technology. Digital Cinema is cinema’s future. Naoussa Festival brings that future one step closer. By investing in the future of cinema the festival places solid bases of development. Furthermore, the dynamism and the vividness that characterize the persons who prepare the event combined with professionalism and methodology create the conditions that ensure a juvenile, dynamic and innovative event. As a result, Naoussa International Film Festival gets the attention and interest of people who love arts and culture. Many people watch the film projections, sing in the concerts and generally participate in the parallel events of the Festival. These events cover every aspect of modern artistic creation. Events for children, books, art exhibitions, master-classes, meetings, concerts and numerous actions that allow the public to participate actively in the event render the program of Festival rich and completed. The young persons have embraced the event and give dynamic present.
The organizing institution of the Festival has prepared a complete sponsoring program that allows the growth of relations of collaboration with the sponsors and allows them to achieve important communication and commercial objectives.

The sponsoring program of the Festival consists of six basic categories which ensure different levels of projection. These categories are:

Great Sponsor

People’s Choice Award Sponsor



Communication Sponsors

The sponsoring collaboration with Naoussa International Film Festival ensures the projection to an eminently juvenile public interested in cinema and more generally culture. Moreover, it allows the projection through a total of activities that is extended by the spaces of the event and the publications up to the web page of the event and the applications of multimedia. Simultaneously the Festival is addressed in an important number of individuals so much in Greece, as also in the abroad. The visitors of the 7th Festival exceeded 13.000.

We call you to collaborate with us and work in the development of a collaboration frame with reciprocal profits for all of us. For more information about the Sponsoring Program of Naoussa International Film Festival please contact the Marketing department. Because together we achieve more!

12th NIFF



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