12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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The movies of the Festival

Stills from films participating in the 9th edition.

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jpg - 2,03MB"Where have you gove" by Vladimir Tagic, Serbia (jpg - 2,03MB)
jpg - 652,11 kb"Uninstalling Love" by Alessia Scaro, Italy (jpg - 652,11 kb)
jpg - 1,55MB"The Piano" by Levon Minasian, Armenia - France (jpg - 1,55MB)
jpg - 2,66MB"The day the cup was stuck on the table" by Fili Olsefski, Greece - Russia (jpg - 2,66MB)
jpg - 778,36 kb"Albert" by Csaba Bardos, Hungary (jpg - 778,36 kb)
jpg - 2,6MB"Escape" by Amalia Charalabopoulou, Greece (jpg - 2,6MB)
jpg - 1,49MB"Borderline" by Rees Dustin, Switzerland (jpg - 1,49MB)
jpg - 2,98MB"Curiosity Kills" by Sander Maran, Estonia (jpg - 2,98MB)
jpg - 2,56MB"Deadlock" by Benjamin Teske, Germany (jpg - 2,56MB)
jpg - 713,02 kb"A doll's life" by Natalia Andreadis, UK (jpg - 713,02 kb)
jpg - 3,5MB"Exmun" by Maxim Kuphal Potapenko, Germany (jpg - 3,5MB)
jpg - 1,12MB"Goodbye Daddy" by Sandra Nedeleff, Germany (jpg - 1,12MB)
jpg - 1,78MB"For the good beginning" by Wojciech Klimala, Poland (jpg - 1,78MB)
jpg - 2,2MB"The Black Rose" by Johann Dulat, France (jpg - 2,2MB)
jpg - 2,12MB"The change" by Fabian Ribezzo, Mozambique (jpg - 2,12MB)
jpg - 1,03MB"Magical circus" by Viola Baier", Germany (jpg - 1,03MB)
jpg - 1,68MB"Tears of a clown" by Claudio Sa, Portugal (jpg - 1,68MB)
jpg - 1,48MB"Hotdogs" by Wang Li, Singapore (jpg - 1,48MB)
jpg - 615,6 kb"Kerata" by Sotir Gelev and Alex Filipov, Bulgaria (jpg - 615,6 kb)
jpg - 1,06MB"House on the lake" by Galder Gaztelu Urrutia, Spain (jpg - 1,06MB)
jpg - 2,19MB"Meowpunsel" by Si Hyi Sing, Singapore (jpg - 2,19MB)
jpg - 1,94MB"Schendryk" by Stepan Koval, Ukraine (jpg - 1,94MB)
jpg - 2,47MB"Red river, Song Hong" by Stephanie Lansaque and Francois Leroy, France (jpg - 2,47MB)
jpg - 243,43 kb"1937" by Szetozar Golovlev, Russia (jpg - 243,43 kb)

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