12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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Parallel Events Programme


Welcome Party

We are welcoming our guests with music and wine! Wednesday 24/9 at 23:00.


Seminars’ Room

Master Classes from M. Pantelis Voulgaris and Ms. Jan Broberg Carter

Friday 20:00 – Sunday 20:00

Room 3



Daily from 11:00 pm

Central Exhibition Room (Cultural Center ERIA)


“Crisis is a Greek word”

The global initiative of Greek designers, in order to show the crisis in Greece.


"2nd Green Project Moving Photo Exhibition: Greek New Talent"

Exhibition on environmental photography under the  “2014 Green Project in South America”



Photo competition exhibition

Presentation through monitors positioned on the room of the event


…to be continued…

Write the new script of the 11th NIFF! Complete the story that others began in order to create the craziest script ever written !


Best of NIFF under the stars!

Special screening of the best movies of  previews Festivals at the top of Cultural Center VETLANS   Tuesday – Saturday 21:30


Screening of the movie “Troades” (based on Evripidis play). Direction by Michalis Cacoyannis and music by Mikis Theodorakis

Saturday 19:00, Room 3



Official presentation of the two first movies produced by NIFF! Leading actors are the filmmakers of the future.

Sunday 21:30 – Room 1


Child and cinema


Chris Reno | 86’ | Animation

3D Screenings  for Schools:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  09:30 and  11:00

3D Screenings for the audience:   Wednesday 17:00, Saturday and  Sunday 16:30

Room 1


Who the sea belong to?

A music fairytale for children and adults, with Dimitra Mitrentzi and Giannis Marmaras. With live music and the stars being our friends!

Friday 20:00 Terrace “ERIA”


Children’s Play

“Poiititis and the stories that made the fairytale”, from the theatrical team SCHOINI-KORDONI

Saturday 12:00, Room 1

“Grimms' fairy tales”, by Fotis Spiros

Sunday 11:00, Room 1


Kid’s Corner

Festival plays with kids! Activities and games for our little friends who love cinema !!! Educational and entertaining activities for kids.

Daily from 18:00 till 21:00, Kid’s Corner


Two days workshop : “Child and Cinema”

Cultural Center VETLANS, Room 3, Wednesday & Thursday 10:00 – 13:00


Concerts’ Programme

NEVER || DANCE ! Concerts that rise us end our daily screenings with lots of dance! At Naousa’s central park.

Thursday 22:30 VEGAS

Friday 22:30 THE BALGUNS

Satyrday 22:30 LOS MUJEROS

Sunday 22:30 BREAKING BAND

12th NIFF



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