12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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The Judging Comittee of DV SEE

Judging Committee of  Digital View Southeast Europe


Alexander Troshin, actor, Russia

In 2001 he graduated from the SPbGATI drama faculty as film and theater actor. In 2002-2005 he worked as an actor and elocution trainer in Pushkin Drama Theater in Krasnoyarsk. In 2008 he played the main role, “Ivan”, in the film "Twilight"/Sumerki directed by Vladimir Moss.  He also plays roles in some TV movies since 2001. He is currently living in Moscow and working as a specialist in voice coaching courses. He also teaches acting to students, cooperates with young filmmakers and plays in movies. 




Stephanie Capetanides, actress. Greece

KAPETANIDESShe was born in Athens and has greek-french origin. She studied acting in Paris and won a scholarship in Cours Florent. Stefanie started her carrier with greek tragedy and mainly classical theatre plays. She starred in many greek TV series and played in many films in Greece, France, UK, Italy, Germany. Also she directed a musical in Megaron- The Athens Concert Hall in 2001. Her leading role in Icke  & der Dicke του Felix Stienz Puppe (the role of a blind lady) gave her the Best Actress Award in Lucania Film Festival in 2012. She took part in V.Seitanidis last movie “With without women” with T.Atheridis and D. Imello.




Ksenia Koltsova Festival Director, Russia 

She studied Oriental Languages and Culture in Kazan State University and Management in Russian State Social University. For over 10 years she has worked with international film festivals in Russia, coordinating international projects and special events with European festivals and partners. In 2006 she joined the start-up team of the new International family and children film festival “Faithful Heart”. In 2007 she was a member of the European jury of professionals at the Youth Film Festival JEFF in Antwerp and Bruges, Belgium. Since 2008 she is working on youth educational and cultural projects that have led to the launch of the International Youth Film Festival in Elabuga. Since May 2012 she works in the field of creating connections between young people coming from different countries and expanding the cultural overlook of young audience in different regions of Russia.


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