12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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Parallel Events Programme

During the course of the 9th Festival, there are numerous fiction, experimental and animation movies about to be projected.  There will also be a special section, including student and youth movies, named “Digital View South East Europe”, presenting the alternative viewpoint of young directors from South-Eastern Europe.

The innovative section consisting of movies made with the use of mobile phones will be for yet another year in the center of interest, proving once more that modern technology offers young creators a wide range of possibilities, through which they are able to reach their potential.

The special tribute to Italian cinema includes short film by the great director Michelangelo Antonioni, along with films made by young Italian animators, presenting the evolution of Italian cinema through time.

At the exhibition room of the Festival two photos exhibitions will be presented. Exhibition of panoramic photos by Nikos Biliouris and exhibition with theme the city of Naoussa and its area by Nikos Keramidis.

At the café-bar of the Festival an exhibition of renovation of industrial spaces by Fani Antoniou will be presented.

At the external space of Screening Room 2 four young creators get inspired by the comics world and bring to life beloved animated heroes through unique street art creations. In real time young artists create in front of the audience and transfer us back in our childhood.

Optimus Prime will be watching over the external area of Screening Room 2. The gigantic sculpture of Dimitris Giaouris travels us to the famous animation series “Transformers”.

At the foyer of Screening Room 1 the modern art sculpture by Fani Antoniou calls the visitors of the Festival to “Keep their memories alive”.

In the frames of the “Child and Cinema” programme, educational and entertaining activities for the young friends of the Festival will be organized. Selected 3D films will be screened. Specifically, the films that will be presented are HUGO and PUSS IN BOOTS. Furthermore, painting lessons will be delivered by experienced artists. Children will have the opportunity to draw beloved comic heroes. On Sunday morning our little friends, along with their parents, will be presented with the opportunity to watch the theatrical performance “Fairytale without name” by Pinelopi Delta.

Two open discussions will be held, where people associated with cinema will answer to any questions the public may have.

At the Festival’s café-bar, there will be concerts by music bands, every night, after the projections are over. The bands Reverse, Chimias Eneka, HomoSapioi, Koza Mostra and Persina Xina Stafilia are set to lead the audience to a dreamy musical journey. On Sunday night after the end of the concert the Festival will close with a karaoke party.

Two parallel competitions will be running on a daily basis. The photo contest entitled “my festival” is about to give the public the opportunity to capture with their cameras special Festival moments. At the same time, a quiz competition with cinema as its theme, will test the public’s knowledge around the latter. The best photographers along with the “all-knowing cinema guru’s” will win useful prizes.

“Politics and Cinema” is the title of the conference organized by Naoussa International Film Festival. Acknowledged speakers representing academic community, cinema and politics will try to analyze the relationship between politics and cinema.

Naoussa International Film Festival promotes its social responsibility by organizing actions to support our suffering fellowmen. In collaboration with the Holy Metropolis of Veria & Naoussa the Festival will support financially students from the broader area who face economical difficulties in order to help them continue their studies without any obstacle.

Furthermore an event for people with dissabilities will be organized on Saturday morning.

Finally, in the frames of the 9th edition actions aiming to sensitize the visitors in environmental issues will take place in collaboration with Clock Work Energy.

With the all the above mentioned and by establishing free entrance to all events the Festival supports people in spiritual and financial level.






Films’ Screenings


Screening Room 1

Wednesday 19.00 and 21.00 3D movies projections (HUGO and PUSS IN BOOTS)


Screening Room 1 [Fiction]

21.15 (Thursday) | 17.30, 19.30, 21.15 (Friday – Saturday) | 16.15, 17.45, 19.30 (Sunday)


Screening Room 2

18.00 [DV SEE Animation], 19.15 [DV SEE Fiction] (Thursday) | 16.15 [DV SEE Fiction], 17.30 [DV SEE Fiction], 19.00 [Animation] (Friday) | 15.30 [DV SEE School Films], 16.15 [DV SEE Fiction], 17.30 [DV SEE Animation], 19.00 [Animation] (Saturday) | 16.15 [DV SEE Fiction], 17.30 DV SEE Fiction], 19.00 [Animation] (Sunday)


Screening Room 3

17.00 [DV SEE Experimental] (Thursday) | 17.00 [Experimental], 18.00 [Experimental] (Friday) | 17.00 [Experimental], 18.00 [Experimental], 19.00 [Movile – Mobile Phone Films] (Saturday) | 17.00 [Experimental], 18.00 [Experimental] 19.00 [Tribute to Italian Cinema] (Sunday)


Seminars Room

Friday 19.45 | Saturday 19.45, Master classes


Exhibition Room

Daily from 11.00, Photo Exhibition by Nikos Biliouris and Nikos Keramidis


Exhibition of Renovation of Industrial Spaces (Café – Bar)

Daily from 11.00, Exhibition by Fani Antoniou


Keep your memories alive! (Foyer of screening room 1)

Daily from 11.00, Exhibition of modern art by Fani Antoniou


Tribute to Italian Cinema “Past and Future”

Shorts by Michelangelo Antonioni and contemporary young directors

Sunday 19.00 Screening Room 3


Event for people with dissabilities (Screening Room 2)

Films screening, Saturday 12.00


Street Art  - Live comic creations (Outside screening room 2)

Friday – Saturday – Sunday, 12.00-13.30, 17.00-20.00


Optimus Prime – Transformers (External area of screening room 2)

Daily from 11.00, Sculpture by Dimitris Giaouris


“Child and Cinema”

Thursday | Friday 11.00 3D movie projection

Saturday 12.00 | Sunday 13.30, Street art – painting lessons

Sunday 11.30, Theatrical play for children by the New Theater of Thessaloniki, “Fairytale without name” by Penelope Delta


Actions of environmental education in collaboration with ClockWork Energy

Outside screening room 3


Photo Contest Exhibition “My Festival”

Exhibited through monitors in festival venues


Live concerts

Thursday 23.15, Reverse Band, Chemias Eneka

Friday 23.15 HomoSapioi

Saturday 23.15 Koza Mostra

Sunday 23.15 Persina Xina Stafilia

Sunday 00.45 Karaoke Party


“Politics and Cinema: A special pair”

Two day conference, Wednesday 11.30 – Thursday 11.30

Cultural Center of Aristotle’s School


A contest with questions on cinema will take place daily offering unique prizes.

A photo contest will take place daily. “Do you have a camera? Are you at the Festival? What are you waiting then? Send us your picture and win!”

12th NIFF



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