12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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The Screening Programme of DV SEE

DV SEE Screening Programme

Friday 30/9 15.30

17’00’’ | HDV | ALBANIA | 2010

Time For A Choice

A lonely stroller comes in a village but no one will take it.


MEETING POINT | Antonis Tolakis 
17’30’’ | HD MPEG4 25P | GREECE/ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ | 2010

Meeting Point

She is an upcoming fashion designer. He is a common burglar. Invades her house and monitors her daily private moments. He comes in contact with her dreams and nightmares. At the meeting point where people experience the alienation of modern world. 


AFTERNOON | Maria Moscha Karatzoglou
7’10’’ | MPEG | GREECE | 2009


One rainy afternoon, Sotiris and Lina meet accidentally at a bus stop after some time…


DIVERSITY | Antonios Vlachou
8’08’’ | AVI | SLOVAKIA | 2010


Even our ancestors knew the rules of balance.


BEHIND THE SUN | Konstantinos Chaliasas
13’52’’ |HD | GREECE | 2011

Behind The Sun

1969. In a turbulent period for Greece, a little girl is kidnapped from the orphanage she was living in. The authorities do nothing. The rest of the kids taking the risk will go find her. On that journey they will discover how many things are actually … “Behind the sun”.


Friday 30/9 16.30

THE SEVENTH LIVER | Miroslav Ardon
15’56’’ | DV PAL| SLOVAKIA | 2010

The Seventh Liver
It is a parody of life inspirited by Ingmar Bergman. It is about a not very intelligent village guy, Johny Box, who plays monopoly (with special rules) with Death in a try to save his own life. 


AMBIVALENCE | Sotiris Georgantas
8’06’’|MINI DV | GREECE |2010


A car breakdown at night causes an accidental encounter. After many years of absence there is a lot to discuss, but maybe not. 


BABIE LATO | Maciej Cendrowski
10’35’’| HD | POLAND | 2010

Babie Lato

Two friends are going to meet girls for a date in a shopping mall. Unfortunately nothing goes according to the plan...


RENT A CAR | Dimitris Politis
5’01’’| .WMV (1280X544) 25FR  | GREECE | 2010

Rent A Car

The film is about a love story. A love between two people who both have their own talents. Their inner authenticity helps them finally to stand strong to the outer world, with an end rather controversial.


RELIQUID | Christos Sitaridis
11’59’’| AVI| GREECE | 2010


A woman alone in a house. A sunny day. She tries to escape. Thoughts, dreams. Is she going to survive?


Friday 30/9 18.00

SLEEPING PERV | Patrick Vollrath
8’52’’|HD- CAM| AUSTRIA | 2010

Sleeping Perv
Heinz Borchert was an ordinary nobody, leading an ordinary life, until one day a stupid mistake turned him into the world-famous 'Sleeping Perv', and turned his life upside-down.


PASS IT OVER | Katerina Apostolopoulou
9’00’’|BLUE RAY| GREECE | 2010

Pass It Over

Michalis, a 28-year-old man, has to make a difficult decision to give or not his consent to disconnect his father who is clinically dead and organ donor. On the occasion of a ticket exchange at the subway, he will make his final choice.


A POEM | Dmitriy Malich
17’00’’| 16MM| RUSSIA/ ΡΩΣΙΑ| 2011

The film is about the fragility of people’s relationships.


HTTP:// | Kruhlik Bartosz
12’00’’|HD | POLAND | 2010


12-year old Michal wants to join his elder brother’s group. The brother and his pals take Michal to the woods. They record everything with amateurish camcorder.


SOFT | Nikiforos Okkalidhs
3’00’’| ΗD720P | ΕΛΛΑΔΑ | 2010


A father is in constant conflict with his wife because of many everyday problems. But in a family all are affected and even the lightest outbursts can create new stereotypes.


Saturday 1/10 15.30

RUN DA PLAN - THE TRICK | Dimitris Aggeldis, Odysseas Toulis
6’45’’| HDV| GREECE/ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ |2010

Run Da Plan

Greed, love and money. A detective, a docker and a mistress. The city’s Mayor dead.


CARNIVAL | Botond Püsök
16’54’’|MINI DV- HDV | ROMANIA | 2011


Transylvania. A perfectly normal day for a young ballerina... until she finds herself in the middle of a mystical carnival.


UNDERPASS | Michalis Papantonopoulos
12’00’’|XDCAM| GREECE | 2010


Four heroes from different minority groups of margin are persecuted, each one by the group he belongs. By those who traditionally accept them. They are in nowhere, in a gray zone that gives you nothing to fit, to feel at least familiar. The four will meet, lost, at a strange party taking place in an underground passage.


THE VEIL | Ömer Çaçan
7’41’’|HDV| TURKEY | 2009

The Veil

The Veil is a story of women who became mothers when they were still children themselves. A story of an endless cycle of desperation, that turns into a kind of destiny. It is a story of silent acquiescence. Cemile lives in a sod-roofed house in a distant village. Her story finishes in one long dark night...


THE BEGINNING OF LOSS | Μakis Serafeimidis
4’43’’|DV |GREECE/ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ| 2010

The Beginning Of Loss

‘Lenora” left at night without a word. She left only a letter. For her husband the night became longer...


REACH FOR THE STARS | Adam Alexopoulos
18’22’’| DVPAL AVI 4:3| GREECE | 2011

Reach For The Stars

The film is dedicated to the diversity of people. Two children, Konstantis who lives in Kastelorizo fights to cope with the difficulties of life. Thecla comes from a wealthy family of Athens and is looking for her paradise. Fate brings them very close. What secret is Konstantis hiding? Will Thekla make it?


Saturday 1/10 16.30

NO LOVE | Radoslav Yordanov
11’38’’|MPEG4| BULGARIA | 2010

No Love

A short story about love, telling us that there is no love.


BLANK PAGE | Dimitris Kostakis
11’31’’| AVI (1920 X 1080) | GREECE | 2010

Blank Page

A film based on the procedure of creativity. What can light the flame of inspiration…?


17’50’’| DIGIBETA| POLAND | 2010


One black cat, two great passions, four ordinary people and loads of ping-pong balls. An uncompromising tale of blind love for someone else's cat intertwined with blind worship of table tennis.


IN TWO MINUTES | Michalis Lygkiaris
2’00’’|MINIDV| GREECE | 2010

In Two Minutes

A man realizes that he is late and runs to catch up.


ARE YOU SERIOUS? | Anton Fedorko
3’40’’| DV PAL (.AVI) 16:9 | SLOVAKIA | 2010

Are You Serious

Imagine that you can have everything you want just by simple movement of your hand. The Protagonist of this short film is in the same situation. What would you do? What would you wish for? Think about it for a second. No... really?! Are you serious?!


HANGOVER | Christos Venetsianos
3’55’’| FULL HD 2.35:1| GREECE | 2011


Drugs+ Drinking = HANGOVER. A young man wakes up on his couch after a night hangover. He doesn’t remember what happened. Different objects from the place will remind him what has happened.


Saturday 1/10 18.00

HAPPY PURCHASE | Zhora Kryzhovnikov
8’00’’| RED ONE | RUSSIA | 2010

Happy Purchase

Near future. Human-like robots are in open market. Sveta acquires a nice Robot to solve her personal problems. Robot is tuned up automatically to fit the owner’s character. But she is on her way to know who she truly needs.


10’23’’|35MM| GREECE | 2010

At A Border Railway Station

An old stationmaster works for years at a border railway station. He watches the trains leaving, but he remains there…


A DAY | Georgi Krastev

A Day

An ordinary day. And a game against boredom suddenly lashed across my mind. And there’s no need to go anywhere; to no need to do anything. The world will pass in front of your eyes by its own.


DAY OUT | Katerina Gerothanasi
15’00’’|HDV| GREECE | 2010

Day Out

Because of global warming, people are forced to live closed in their houses. Any exposure to the sun light can be fatal. Hector wakes up and realizes that his parents left. Trapped in his house, he comes face to face with loneliness and the fear that his parents have been burned.


8’47’’|DVD| LITHUANIA | 2010

Maybe Even Our Heaven

Young woman's life is changing. Her efforts trying to understand what's going on takes her to a world of her own memories about childhood, first love and wedding.


Sunday 2/10 15.30

NOCTURNAL | Claire Grammatiki
18’43’’| DV| GREECE | 2009


Night shift. Three customers say to the small salesman three different stories, or not so different. He lives the stories trough his imagination. And finally when will he marry his mother?


LIMBUS | Nikolov Blagoslav
10’00’’| HD| BULGARIA | 2010


Limbus is a film about the people, who leave us and then return under the guise of other people, the image as the only possible language when something happens at the border of dream and reality. The territory between life and death, the place one goes in order to cleanse oneself, though success in this is not always possible.


DARK STORY | Nail Pelivan
13’00’’|DV| TURKEY | 2010

Dark Story

Murat and Zeynep are married and happy. Zeynep has got a kidney disease. Murat wants to do sacrifices but this is not that easy.


DONOR | Irini Zgouri
6’13’’| GREECE | 2010


Tassos owns a car workshop. He has an employee from Pakistan. Every day the employee faces the derogatory behavior of Tassos. One day Tassos receives a phone call and learns that his daughter fainted. At the hospital he will find out that his daughter has leukemia and a compatible donor must be found.


THE BOOK | Panos Spinthiropoulos
10’20’’| MINIDV| GREECE |2010

The Book

Two groups of students, two characters, an argument on the occasion of a book and a coincidence, lead to a test- passage to responsibility. After all the lines, especially for young people, are from cardboard.


Sunday 2/10 16.30

14’45’’| DV| TURKEY | 2010

 Mr Cevdet's Carnation

Cevdet is the crazy man of the town. He falls in love with a plastic manqueen. But something goes in wrong way. And one day, he sees his lover with another man.


12’52’’| MINIDV| GREECE/ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ| 2010

The Last Day Of Alexander Koplani

When the life of 7-year-old Dimitris approaches to the end, the family’s origin and the long waiting list for the surgery lead to despair. The financial seems to be the smallest obstacle. Another person’s heart seems to be the only solution…


STONES WATER | Ervin Kotori
18’00’’| HDV| ALBANIA | 2010

Stones Water

Eni, a young autistic man, live alone with his father. Suela enters into their life, through the father, but Eni doesn’t like it. The father dies accidentally, and Eni ends up alone with Suela at home, who makes all efforts to get closer to him. The last effort will get them closer, but not only the 2 of them.


SOMNIPATHIA | Dominik Dušek
6’36’’| ΑVI (PAL) | CZECH REPUBLIC | 2010


"Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy. Fantasy as a vehicle for the expression of repressed desires." (Sigmund Freud). Slightly experimental surrealistic amateur film looking for the borders between human consciousness and unconsciousness through the everyday rote of modern age.


HITCHER | József László
8’30’’| HDV| ROMANIA | 2010

The film is about a girl, who wants to hitchhike home, with her boyfriend. A suspicious driver picks them up. The girl fell asleep in the car. When she wakes up, her boyfriend isn't in the car. She begs to stop the car. When the girl gets out of the car, remains alone with her fears.


Sunday 2/10 18.00 



A boy is following a girl on a street. He tries to talk to her but she doesn't respond. In the end he grabs her attention by saying her name and telling her that she shouldn't leave him. In the end she goes back home with her boyfriend whom she had a fight with earlier.


13’45’’| HDV| GREECE | 2010

Who Never Ever Regrets

Alexis, after six years in prison, returns to the house where he lived with Christina. A dispute between two people that are united by the past and the end they didn’t have time to put to their relationship. At the end who never ever regrets and for nothing;


LAST TRAIN | Weronika Tofilska
13’53’’| HD/35MM | POLAND | 2010

Last Train

Antony has got an overweight wife, a depressing job and feels bitterly disappointed. He has just realized that he is not going to see anything good happen in his life. The only comfort he can get in his life comes from memories about his first love from many years before.


UNIT | Amerissa Mpasta
14’00’’| XDCAM| GREECE | 2010


In an imaginary future time, when the computers have substituted every human contact, two people try to get out of the obligatory isolation.


A CIRCLE FOR TWO | Nenko Genov
5’00’’| HDV| BULGARIA | 2010

A boy and a girl face a change in their lives. What happens with the high- school love when their ways go apart? Desperately hanging to each other, spending their last days together, Plamen and Beloslava are looking for hope to fight their parting. Help will come from the “new revolutionary product” – the Circle for two.



Friday 30/9 16.20

ONE DAY, FEAR | Vasilis Ikonomou
1’12’’| MINIDV| GREECE | 2010

One Day, Fear

The inner (optical) monologue of a man when he comes face to face with his fear which has the form of a scarecrow.


4’26’’| AVI| SERBIA/ ΣΕΡΒΙΑ| 2010


This video is about hypocrisy of modern society, about new world order and new democracy, about freedom and illusion, politic and politicians, human rights and equality.


CHASTISEMENT | Giannis Sotiropoulos, Panos Aristeridis
5’20’’ | FULLHD 1920X1080| GREECE | 2010


“Chastisement” is an experimental film which was made on the occasion of a text by Ulrike Meinhof, leftist activist and then member of Red Army Faction (RAF), who wrote inside the solitary confinement in the “White Cells” of Stemnheim in Stuttgart from 1972 to 1973.


BURYING | Petra Rodman
10’01’’ | HD (MP4) | ΣΛΟΒΕΝΙΑ | 2010


1910- Sepultura presents a story of the October revolution and avant-garde, their ideas, paradoxes and consequences of the political system that followed. The main theme is the story of a life and death of a passionate revolutionary Boris Davidovich Novsky. It is a story about the state that devours its revolutionary platform.


LAMPOUSA | Zoanna Ifantidou
2’17’’| AVI | GREECE | 2010


Α shadow wanders.


OUR SHADOW… | Vicky Athanasopoulou
1’42’’| HDV| GREECE | 2010

Our Shadow...

Carl Jung used to believe that the elements that haunt us in dreams are actually parts of ourselves that we have oppressed and tried to remove from conscious… But what do these shadows want from us? Why do they constantly chase us in our nightmares? Do we have to stand against them and confront them?


PAIN | Thanassis Agelopoulos
4’40’’| AVI| GREECE | 2010


A young man, responsible for the loss of his father in a car accident, goes to the car he used to drive in order to confront the pain and his guilt.


Saturday 1/10 16.20

Α RECORDED WALK | Panagiotis- Dimosthenis Perdikis
7’13’’| AVI| GREECE | 2010

A Recorded Walk

The aim was to comment on the intense monitoring and the control we suffer in our days. It is actually the recording of a walk in the city through various cameras of closed circuit CCTV.


BEHIND THE BLOCKS | Jana Bednárová
1’56’’| AVI| SLOVAKIA | 2009

Behind The Blocks

Recording the rhythm of the nature, which is becoming domesticated to the life behind the town.


ALICE IN WONDERLAND | Alexandra Grigoriou
3’59’’ |MPEG (PAL) 16:9 | GREECE | 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Instead of summary, the following text: “- So, tell me. – The story? –No. Its end. –They lived happily ever after. – Smart. – Beautiful. – Fantastic. –Promising. –The end hurts? –Only if it comes.” Vellis Miltiadis.


5’19’’| MINIDV | UKRAINE | 2010

The Most Secretly Depth Of Your Skin

Εχπerimental film about live human emotions.


1’35’’| DVD PAL | AUSTRIA | 2011

Besser Orangehaut Als Gar Kein Profil

Μας αρέσει να εκθέτουμε το δέρμα μας στο δημόσιο κυβερνοχώρο, ελπίζουμε να σημαδευτεί. Το δέρμα, ένα απατηλό όργανο, αυτή η υποκριτική επιφάνεια, αποκαλύπτει τα σημάδια που φαίνεται να εμποδίζει. Δεν επιδιώκουμε να κρατηθούμε υπό επιτήρηση, αλλά θέλουμε να παρακολουθήσουμε τους εαυτούς μας και να αποκαλυφθούμε.


FREAKSHOW | Philippos Degidis
8’15’’| MPEG2 | GREECE | 2010


What happens when a child doll goes to the amusement park to play, where however it holds a party with orgies?


STEPS | Beata Pantya
1’47’’| DV PAL| HUNGARY | 2010


I accidentally found an old, ruined house, which was left many years ago. People who lived there before left their objects there, which held their memories and their energies. Working only with the materials I found there, this animation is an experiment of conjurating the soul of the house.


Screening Programme DV SEE - ANIMATION

SUNDAY 2/10 16.20

DISCO DOG | Alexandros Markoulakis
3’54’’| AVI| GREECE | 2010

Disco Dog

The love story of a dog. He is crazy in love with a female dog but she ignores him. Until the moment he discovers another, hidden self who loves dancing and the old, good disco music…


6’20’’| 16:9 | POLAND | 2010

Python In Wonderland

Story about Black boxer who had crush on a rabbit from Wonderland.


THE NEVER STARTING STORY | Anastasiya Yarovenko
1’15’’| HD| AUSTRIA | 2010

The Never Starting Story

The chicken or the egg - this logical paradox has no start and thus no end. The Never Starting Story is an attempt to solve this causality dilemma and answer a metaphysical question about the first chicken or egg at the same time evoking the questions of how life and the universe in general evolve.


MOTION PATH | Aleksandra Acic
1’31’’| DVD| SERBIA | 2009

Motion Path

Human figure is finding its own path trough the labyrinth. Labyrinth is placed on the rotating record.


WE DON’T KNOW THE FUTURE | Ioana Simona Muscan
1’52’’| DV AVI| ΡΟΥΜΑΝΙΑ | 2011

We Don't Know The Future

Α little man gets upset by some children who play in the forest and are hurting a bird. He helps it and decides to change and help the world which will be destroyed little by little by making a new friend: a flower. So he takes its seed and plants it on other planet with the help of the bird.


MATHIAS, MATHIAS | Cecília Felméri
13’00’’| HD | ROMANIA | 2010

Mathias, Mathias

A 13-minute long animated documentary about how much the residents of Cluj Napoca know about the famous King Matthias, who was born in their city? The voice is documentary (interviews), the images are animated.


STATHIS THE GOLDFISH | Dimitris Papadimitriou
4’55’’| DIGITAL| GREECE | 2010

Stathis The Goldfish

Stathis the goldfish lives an ordinary if not boring life as the pet of Mrs. Kate. Every Sunday he gets excited when they go to the river for an excursion. But this time the things will change. And then they will change again.


“ ~ “ | Katharina Scheucher
5’08’’| DIGITAL | AUSTRIA | 2009

A tale of two, kindly torn and knit together. Calming, comfort, jinxed love.


VIVE LA CRISE! | Alexei Gubenco
3’10’’| HD| ROMANIA | 2009

 Vive La Crise!

Deforestation, property development, pollution, money, and a lot of food - all this is going to change... The Fat people start losing weight. Bicycle is the best vehicle now. The economic crisis has come!


LEAVING ROOM | Sofia Miliopoulou
4’34’’| WMA| GREECE | 2009

 Living Room

An old and indisposed navigator, lost in memories and nostalgia, will try to travel one more time.


TEAR ME! | Agnieszka Borowa
6’03’’| DVD| POLAND | 2010

Tear Me!

I already had three coffees. Waiting. This annoying kissing couple outside. Brown doors. You're a blond, a dark-haired, you're a blank piece of paper. Another version of you. Tear me!


HARALD & HEDVIG | Csibi Laszlo
7’20’’| MPG2| ROMANIA | 2010

Harald & Hedvig

The story of a true love in the little worm's world. Love and unconditional care. As it has never been seen before.




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