12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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The 7th Festival

Naoussa International Film Festival: Cinema at its best!

Naoussa International Film Festival constitutes an event devoted to short films and digital cinema. For the Naoussa International Film Festival the adoption of digital technology consists an evident strategic choice. A choice which brings it in the front row of progress on the new digital era of cinema and contributes to the formation of its distinguishable character.

The Festival manages to attain its goals through methodical planning, vision and willingness to offer. Naoussa International Film Festival has succeeded to provoke development through culture. Culture is transformed to a development tool which improves the quality of living of the civilians, opens new horizons, entertains and places the foundations for permanent development.

The Festival hosts at its central department fiction, animation and experimental films. Furthermore, during the Festival many satellite events take place, which indicatively consist of master classes, art exhibitions, conventions, contests and concerts.

The Festival has incorporated in its events two peripheral departments. The Department of Youth and Student Films of Naoussa International Film Festival attempts an opening at South-eastern Europe, embracing the future filmmakers of this region. Henceforth, the Festival provides young people and students of film schools and similar faculties the opportunity to participate in an extremely pioneering and highly qualitative event. 

Furthermore, based on the innovative philosophy that characterizes the Naoussa International Film Festival we have incorporated - first in Greece - in our events the absolutely pioneering and interesting department of mobile phone movies, called "Movile".

In conclusion we must state that Naoussa International Film Festival is a magical journey to a world full of images, colors, music, vividness, smiles, creativity. Cinematographers from all over the world turn their cameras at Naoussa and invite us all to travel through images at a dreamy trip to the cinema world.

From 30 of September to 3 of October 2010 culture celebrates at Naoussa. Check-in and enjoy cinema at its best!

12th NIFF



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