12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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Parallel Events of the 6th Festival

From 7 to 10 of May culture celebrates in Naoussa!

We watch daily from 15.40 films from all over the world at the three Screening Rooms.
We choose Screening Room 1 for fiction films full of sentiments, suspense, mystery, unexpected end. If we are interested in the experimental cinema we go up to Screening Room 2. If the phrases: “Those Romans are crazy”, “what’s up doc?” and “I think I thow a puthycat” sound familiar our destination is the “moving” Screening Room 3. Mobile phone films are everywhere and the young creators can be found at Screening Room 3.

The settings of Theo Angelopoulos films travel us at the foyer of the Screening Room 1.

We chat daily at 19.00 with cinema experts at Screening Room 2.

We play with the little friends of cinema on Friday at 11.00.

We watch the tribute to Human Rights on Saturday at Screening Room 3.

We sing with Fanela Rige, NasaFunk and Kokkina Halia and dance with DJ Isorropistis every night after the end of the last projection at the café-bar of the Festival.

We take part in the photo contest “MyFestival”, we watch our photos exhibited and we win presents!

We type www.niff.gr and stay informed for the programme and the news of the festival.


The program of the festival is given in short, below:
Projections of Fiction films (Screening Room 1)

• Thursday at 21.00 and every day at 16.15, 18.00, 19.30, 21.30

Projections of Animation films (Screening Room 3)

• Every day at 19.00

Projections of experimental films (Screening Room 2)

• Every day at 17.00, 18.00

Projections of the Digital View films

• Every day at 15.40, 17.20

Exhibition of the Thessaloniki Cinema Museum (foyer of the Screening Room 1)

• Every day from 11.00

 Exhibition of photo contest “MyFestival” of the Festival (Café – Bar and Screening Room 3)

• Every day from 12.00

Master classes (Screening room 2)

• Friday 19.00
• Saturday 19.00
• Sunday 19.00

Tribute to Human Rights in cooperation with Goethe Institut Thessaloniki (Screening Room 3)

• Saturday 20.00

Educational Programme “Child and Cinema” (Screening Room 1)

 Friday 11.30
 Concerts (Café – Bar)

 Thursday 22.45 Concert of Fanela Rige
 Friday 23.00 Concert of NasaFunk
 Saturday 23.00  Concert of Kokkina Halia
 Sunday 22.50 DJ Set by Isorropistis

 FEST ON AIR (foyer of Screening Room 1)

 The internet radio station of the festival will be on air every day from 19.00 to 23.00

 The films of the “movile” department will be projected through televisions placed at the venues of the festival.

Because of the needs of the Festival which are bigger, the Festival obtains a third screening room in the place of the parking opposite to the Municipal

12th NIFF



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