12th Festival 21-25 October 2015
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The Judging Comittees of the Festival

The selection of the films that were distinguished in the competitive department was made by three special judging committees and the audience.

The 1st five-member committee, which was assigned to make the selection of the films that won the Best Greek Short Film and the Best International Short Film Award, was constituted from:
• Gianni Fragouli, chairman of the Pan-Hellenic Union of Cinema Critics
• Niko Vezirgianni, director
• Reno Manti, actor
• Nantia Evagelinou, director, Dr of theatrology
• Christo Batantsi, theatrical director

The second three-member committee that chose the films which were distinguished in the categories of Best Greek Experimental Short Film, Best International Experimental Short Film and Best Animation, was composed by:
• Kosta Vitali, painter
• Kalliopi Ikonomakou, painter
• Giorgo Badola, painter

The “Naoussa” Award was given by a committee that was composed of young high-school students of Naoussa. Specifically, the members of the committee were; Garneta Anna, Antniou Fani, Likostratis Alexandros, Nolka Evita, Vadolas Vasilis and Tsapakidis Nikolaos. The creation of the specific committee has been a pioneering action that has been made by the 2nd International Festival. 


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